Matthew Hoyos

Few artists capture the vibrant thrill of modern city life as effectively as Matthew Hoyos. The Miami-based creator sees his town as a living, breathing organism, full of surprises and endowed with hidden beauty. Now, with his most intimate portraits of his hometown to date, Matthew is on his way to becoming one of the digital world’s most vital portrayers of 21st century cities.

Born in Colombia and raised in South Florida, Matthew was always enthralled by visual art. He was initially drawn to the city’s thriving graffiti scene, but it was his discovery of film that inspired him to pursue art as a career. In 2006, he started producing his first film projects - first a few documentaries, then a series of music videos. One of these videos was named 2011 music video of the year by Best in Dade Awards. This, along with the inclusion of several of his shorts on national networks, gave Matthew’s career a major jolt. Emboldened by this hard-earned success, he began working on his most ambitious projects to date - creating dazzling time lapse videos of Miami.  

“You learn so much about the world when you see it from above” he explains. “It’s really enlightening.”

As his artistry has evolved, Matthew has embraced developments in modern technology to add even more depth to his work. Drones have been a particular source of inspiration, as they have allowed him to capture images that would have been impossible to see only a few years ago. Matthew’s birds eye view allows him to not only illuminate the bustling night life that Miami is known for, but also the rare moments of peace and tranquility that transcend daily life.

Matthew’s work has gained considerable acclaim and recognition. He has been featured on FOX News, Nickelodeon, Tru TV, and several other major networks, as well as theaters all over the USA. Many major brands have sought him out for his work - his recent clientele includes the City of Miami Beach, Jack Daniel’s, Red Bull, and the Seminole Hard Rock, amongst many others. Additionally, he has branched out from Miami to film stunning visuals based around the world, at locations including New York, Los Angeles, and his native Colombia. Matthew’s ultimate goal is to open his viewers’ eyes to the thrills and mysteries of the modern world.